So you don’t like the new President, huh ladies? You’re a little scared maybe? You should be.
By the end of his presidency abortion will be illegal, what little health coverage you have now will be gone, and the pay gap between you and males will have increased.
Whatever lack of respect you think you get from society-well, the President sets the tone; we all know what Donald thinks of women and where to grab them.

Women of color-if you thought you and your issues were invisible before, just wait.

Think you’re going to be taken more seriously now? Think you’ll be recognized for your abilities and not your appearance? Forget about that. Do you see who your new First Bimbo is? You think Trump would have married her if she looked like Mamie Eisenhower?

The downward trend of teen pregnancy will shift upward. Incarceration rates for females will shift upward. Domestic abuse funding, education, outreach and enforcement will shrink. His toadies in Congress and the Supreme Court will ensure that. The glass ceiling will become a glass fortress.
Don’t blame me-I’m a lifelong Democrat and third generation union member. I’ve voted for more progressive candidates than I can count. Nope-direct your anger toward your sisters and aunts and cousins in Ohio, and Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, who stayed home, didn’t vote, and therefore put a bigot in the Oval Office and a pin-up model in the Lincoln Bedroom.