Yes. This is a gripe about Portland drivers, why? Because you all suck hard. I'm including you transplants and I wouldn't dare forget you shitty Washingtonians that drive over the river: don't feel left out, you suck butthole too. Problem One: Did you know that Oregonians don't have to take drivers ed? No more wondering why everyone on the road pulls moves that make you rage to Hulk proportions. Some would say you can't be mad at them for not getting an education, yet it makes no fucking sense to give teenagers a weapon with a few buffoon parents driving them around for 250 hours or whatever the fuck the number is that they all lie about when getting their license after failing the exam 7 times at age 18. Problem number Two: Entitlement. Since the last long snow fall I have watched drivers decide that when a light turns red that does not mean that you can't still go through the intersection, and not just that last left turner, but more like 3-5 cars going through a red. WHAT THE FUCK?! Sesame Street teaches kids about red lights. What gives you the AOK to continue through one in your SUV!? The blatant disregard for red lights in this town lately has unnervingly grown to the point that it is rare and surprising to NOT see people blow through a red at an intersection. I'm sorry you are dumb as rocks and too entitled to think traffic signals apply to you, but despite my rage- PLEASE be CAREFUL. And if you are teaching a Teen to drive right now- teach them to look both ways EVEN THOUGH it's a green light. Maybe they can do better than your jackass on the road today. - The Safety Bitch.