Oh man, how I am relishing in reading the news of Milo Yappy-Trollius' fall from alt-right grace. I just love it! He's the favorite big league troll of the al-right and his career is quickly being decimated by comments he made making an argument for pedophilia. Of course, his blind followers are supporting him, calling the reports "fake news" even though THERE'S A VIDEO OF MILO POOPY-OPULUS SAYING THESE THINGS.

I've said it a million times and I'll say it again: The right-wing are the most foul-mouthed, bigoted and sexual deviant group of people out there. Seriously, just Google "Republican politicians, sex crimes" and the list is yuge!

Rich old guy admitting to sexual assaulting women? Let's make him president!
Online right-wing troll supporting pedophilia? Let's start a movement to defend him!

If you're a Republican, you can literally do no wrong in the eyes of your followers. They'll defend your perversion/sickness to the death, all the while wrapping themselves in the flag and preaching "family values."

Milo is a sicko troll who made his money wallowing in the gutter spewing hate, filth and bigotry. He's already lost a book deal, got his speech canceled at some whacked-out right-wing conference and might even lose his gig at Breitbart... I say he deserves all of it.

Any right-wingers out there want to defend this pedophile troll?