You can’t fire people for what they post on Facebook, or OLIve, or I, Ignoramus. Not for a sign they bring to a rally, or for booing the umpire. Nor for having an opinion that is idiotic. Being an idiot is not a crime; if it was most of us would be in jail.
Your tolerance of someone’s free speech depends on your point of view. You can hate my guts for expressing it, but firing me from my job because of it is wrong.
Where do we start? When is a point of view a termination offense?
Wallace was right, Segregation forever! King was right: We shall overcome. I don’t like your opinion so you’re fired. The Nazis were right: Lebensraum for Germans. The Nazi were savages, put them on trial. Truman was right: Use the bomb. Truman was wrong: a war criminal. Lincoln was a savior. Lincoln was a warmonger. Jackson was a visionary. Jackson was a murderer. The editors at I, Anonymous are idiots. The editors at I, Anonymous are geniuses. I like bald men. I like small breasts. I hate Pepsi. I love Coke. Because of that you’re discharged. Or promoted. Where do you start? Who gave you that authority?
I love you. I hate you. Do you fire me for carrying a sign at a march that says one of those things? If so, pretty soon will just thinking it be enough?
To paraphrase Churchill-free speech is the worst thing there is, except it’s better than all the alternatives.