You have to be the most unfriendly, strict and uptight person to walk this land. You never let anything slide. You seem pissed off about anything anyone does, especially if it's wrong. Who's to say what's right or wrong? You say it's just you doing your job according to company policies. No one's making you do the things you do. You do the things you do because that's who you are. You seem miserable. I hope you have family and friends. I'm sure you do. I'm sure you're nice to them. It's people you don't know, you don't care about that I'm sure are obstacles getting in the way of whatever your dream is so you dismiss them. You have the worst, negative attitude. I see you and I immediately feel your tension. How do you carry that weight with you day in and day out and go to sleep at night? You will never rest in peace in life or death. I won't get on your bad side because if there is a spirit ghost world, you'd be a mean evil haunting spirit. I'm tired of seeing you, and it just kills my joy and spirit of life. I wonder if there's anyone who could ever cheer you up or make you happy. You're not depressed, just a body and energy filled with anger and negativity. I'm done associating with you. And quit doing your job so well. Trust me. Supervisors don't care. They don't do their job with integrity at all. I think that's it though. You're broken like everyone else except you hold bitterness and grudges. Life's a joke, but you take it seriously. You get mad rather than laugh at how stupid and senseless it is. May you continue to never live in peace.