C'mon. Is that all yee got? That's about the same as someone giving me the middle twat tickler. It doesn't hurt. At all. Not one bit. It makes you feel like you're the superman though. Like you can kick some ass, hoss. Puff up yer chest. Sorry I didn't get yer joke about something being built by my grandpa. I said what does he have to do with anything. I said I'm sure it was built by someone's grandpa. So yee said, it was a joke trying to be funny. Me said I guess I didn't get it. I didn't find the humor. Then, yes, oooooeeee, out came, "go fuck yourself." To think you could be someone's grandpa yerself. At least a husband, dad, or brother, likely. Do they know this "Go fuck yourself" about you? Be proud, Mr. I'm gonna kick some ass. Be proud. You showed me. Say something cleverly stupid funny, and I will do the same. But if you can't take it, don't cry like a titsucker.