You seemed nice enough when you messaged me through tinder, and although you didn't have a clear face pic I thought I'd take my chances. You invited me to an art gallery shin dig that you organized which in of itself was pretty cool: dj, free beer, good art, huge turnout. When I found you there, you were sitting with a group of people and your beautiful husky dog. I asked how you knew these people and you said "oh, this is a tinder group." I thought that was kinda of strange because there was never any mention of this, but it quickly dawned on me that there was another guy there who was clearly only there to see you, instantly granting me third wheel status. We couldn't talk anywhere in the gallery because the music was really loud, so we stepped outside, only to find your other date smoking a spliff. We proceeded to make awkward three way small talk, and all the while all I could think was "fuck, I need to get out of here!" So after listening to your self-absorbed life stories for as long as I could, I bounced. And boy was I happy to leave! Maybe if you just once acknowledged the awkwardness of the situation, or apologized for putting me in such a weird scenario, maybe I would've been interested in you, but you didn't. You are obviously socially retarded, and I didn't appreciate nor consent to being a part of your social experiment. If you wanna live your life like an episode of the Bachelorette, maybe you should warn the people you are going to pit against each other. All that being said, you aren't worth fighting for. Good luck, "white chocolate."