im writing because, like a lot of oregonians, i smoke pot. like a lot of other oregonians, i am unemployed. on the one hand, its illegal to discriminate for employment based on a medical condition, and on the other, there is one government approved medicine that can make it impossible to get a job. its pot.

i have a strong resume. i have a strong and varied skill set and background. after multiple years attending interviews, companies have offered me jobs, but not one of them was willing to look past my medical necessity to use marijuana. how in the world is that legal?

apparently, our state government is absolutely fine with collecting the tax dollars that come with people's legally obtained marijuana, but our state has a problem with those consumers having the right to work, and thus, to survive. i am not a criminal. i am just a patient who is royally fucked by the legal corner into which ive been backed.

under what other circumstances would a company be legally able to tell a prospective employee that their job was contingent upon the discontinuation of use of their medicine? this being beside the fact that its totally wrong for an employer to reach into your personal life for disqualifiers. they do it anyway, and we let them. wrong.

oregon, you screw your people constantly. fucking cut it the fuck out.