So many of you folks have something bitterly against art and music. People who make art and music. Musicians and artists. What is wrong with you folks? Sounds more like an inferiority complex. I'm sorry if you're brain cannot comprehend how to play an instrument. Some just don't have it, it's true. You might as well not try because you'd be terrible at it. I'm sorry if you have zero creativity to even do what other folks say, "my kid can do that." I'm sorry if your mammas dropped you on your right brain and crushed your creativity.

What gives folks? What's with the inadequacy turned aggression? What's with the jealousy?

I get it too. Just to call yourself an artist and musician in this century seems fake and pretentious. There's a lot of that going around and it is disgusting. Are they too full of themselves? Is that what it is? Everyone is full of themselves living in these times though.

But I suppose you're right. You folks who don't make art or play music are the real deals of human life and have the most justifiable occupations and hobbies.