Anonymous May 17, 2017 at 4:00 am

Your Cat Is Full of Shit


I agree that you shouldn't have to do what I'm going to suggest you do. Ideally you just wouldn't have cats shitting in your garden. But as you know, it's not an ideal world. But this is a quick, cheap way to keep the cats out of your garden. Buy a bunch of plastic forks and stick them in your garden, tines up. Make rows a few inches apart that will prevent cats from walking in the garden. Sure, the cats could dig up the forks if they really wanted to but my experience has been that they don't. they just find somewhere else to go. Good luck!!
It's a cat's world, though. We're just their guests.
The squirrels ruin the garden, too. I've got a tip: pick up a $10 bag of Korean chile flake (they have giant bags at various Korean markets around town, like Boo Han and Pal-Do) and sprinkle it on the soil around the plants. It's been working so far, though it does need to be reapplied every few days. You can also stick bamboo skewers in the ground, pointy side up to deter the digging. Good luck!

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