So I went with my gf to checkout open mic and holy shit are you fucking serious? I'm pretty sure if that room was filled with me and my buddies drunkenly pretending to be doing a standup show it'd be funnier then what we saw that night. But its not just that the standup was bad, that's expected at an open mic but fuck was it also all ur 1st time going out to a bar? 1st time being in the presence of the opposite sex? I know comics are supposed to be awkward but it was like someone spiked the punch with the fountain of eternal youth and every comic beer-bonged it to the dome before solid snaking it into the bar like your stepdad was about to yell at you again. And you still couldn't figure out how or where to stand. How about not right in front of me dumbass? No eye contact but y'all sure knew where every booby in the room was, that's for sure. I sincerely hope you all make it to the big time, but judging by what I saw I'm not sure you all will make it to boxer shorts from tighty-whiteys.