I, Anonymous Jun 21, 2017 at 4:00 am

Why Don’t You People Have Goals?


It's okay, we feel sorry for you and your life that's so small you can only conceptualize your value as a measure of how you sell your labor to someone else.

"Why Don’t You People Have MY Goals?" There, fixed it for you.
Does this qualify as a goal in your narrow minded "I must better the world" view: don't contribute to the overpopulation of the earth by abstaining from reproducing?
I so envy your apparent goal - to say multiple stupid things in one paragraph and embarrass yourself. And you've succeeded! Yay, way to go! Not to mention that striving to fulfill goals, the central theme of the abortion that goes by the name of Western civilization in the last couple millennia, has ruined the earth as a habitat for life. Funny, but in my idleness the last few years, I've been conceptualizing that doing little more than taking pleasure in this miraculous planet we're so lucky to be on might just be the answer to the human problem.
Anonymous has clearly played in some indie rock bands here.
So glad you've found your calling and purpose as an insufferable cunt. We appreciate your condescension!
There is absolutely NO POSSIBLE WAY for you to know whether or not people have goals or what their lives are all about. You are making a huge, gross, ridiculous generalization based on your subjective observation(s). With nearly 10 billion people on the face of the earth, what makes you the expert on having goals and living life?
Thanks for giving me a new goal: to not become a judgmental ass who insists on telling other people how to live their lives.
This is dumb.
Not everyone who dedicates their time to a cause or serves a charity tells ppl or blasts it on social media. Maybe they keep it on the DL because they see what a superficial person you are. Perhaps they don't realize their new transplant acquaintance will label them as "basic" behind their backs in the local newspaper for not being a saint. It's called being humble and not a self righteous prick. You should do us all a favor and go back to your old city, please.
I have a goal, well really it is more of a dream, that all the people like you who have moved to this town will turn their cars around and drive back to wherever they came from. At a minimum please don't breed.

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