Kalah Allen

I’m a man in my mid-to-upper 40s who’s currently on several dating sites. My preferred age range is 32-49, and I’ve noticed something peculiar in the “older” crowd: “Must have goals.” Okay, so I already have a career, a home, a car, hobbies, and even a dog. What kind of other “goals” should someone in their mid-to-upper 40s have? I guess if I had to pick one so-called “goal,” it would be to muster up the motivation to go to the store and buy some groceries. I’d also like to finish painting the laundry room... and what about that tub in need of scrubbing? You got it: It’s on the list of things to do... a goal, of sorts. I mean, if you’re in your mid-to-upper 40s, and I’m in my mid-to-upper 40s... what in the hell kind of “goals” are we talking about? This isn’t to say we’re done with life—far from it. But at this stage, shouldn’t we be relishing in the goals we’ve already achieved? —Anonymous