I, Anonymous Jun 28, 2017 at 4:00 am

Fuck Your “Goals.”


Our corporate (and academic) taskmasters have developed the buzzwords around "goals" and "achievement" as a way to reward compliant, conformist behavior. So "must have goals" is an easy get-out-of-jail-free card for a dating scenario. If I end up thinking your workout regime isn't intense enough, your dog is the wrong breed, your vegetables aren't the right kind of organic, you don't (or do) like IPAs, [fill in the annoying blank], then I can just say our goals don't align and ghost you. Magic!
As someone who ended up on dates with too many middle aged men who did nothing but smoke pot and play video games all day, I understand where the person is coming from, if not the manner in which they expressed it. Goals can be anything and they need not be anything related to success. I once had goals to go to Italy and Thailand. I became disabled and unable to work and will never achieve those goals due to the reality of my illness and the size of my limited income. Almost everyone has goals (even if they're as simple as make damn fine cup of coffee in the morning) and it's not that much to ask that people want to do more than just get out of bed every day. It seems like you have absolutely zero sense of humor or self-awareness and that's certainly going to prevent you from successfully dating. Instead of spending so much time telling someone who wants someone with goals to F*** off, why not focus on someone that might be available to you and wanting to date you and is wholly unconcerned with your goals?
Here's a goal you could have....get rid of your sexist, double standard age requirements. So you're in your mid to upper 40's and want to date someone as young as 32, who would be let's say 13-17 years younger than you (depending on your exact age). But you don't want to date anyone that's older than 49, or let's say 0-4 years older than you. What's with the double standard????
"Must show life-long commitment to hipster bingo."

"Bonus points if you are perpetually miserable in your skin."
Hey gofigure, if a guy or gal wants to date someone 20 years younger or older than them, what does that have to do wth sexism or double standards, and how is it any if your business?
Hey blago, it's not any of my business really but he wrote in to iAnonymous so ya know, that's how it goes. You share information about yourself anonymously online and other people comment anonymously online. Kinda how the whole thing works.

And you've got to be kidding me with feigning ignorance on the sexist aspect of this. This guy does not want to "date someone 20 years younger or older than them" as you stated. he wants to date someone 20 years younger than him but hardly older than him at all. I'm not going to write a thesis here on why that's sexist because I'm quite certain you actually know and just don't care.
Hey gofigure, how is it sexist? He said he's a man on dating sites looking for SOMEONE younger or about his age. Your sexist for assuming he's straight and talking about scoring a younger women. Nowhere does the poster say "I'm looking for younger women". He's not sexist. But you're an idiot.

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