I'm guessing you're, what, 21? 22? And that shiny new RAV4 or whatever dumb-ass SUV-lette you were driving was bought by your parents you were driving around Montavilla. Decent choice for a neighborhood parent-day-out, still has some character left (side-eye to Alberta and Division), but not scary with homeless like Hawthorne/Old Town.

But do me a favor; don't ask someone who's lived in this hood for a decade to "please, next time, park better" out your window, as you drive away. I was < 3" from the curb, and a foot and a half of your rear bumper. I know, I'm sure it's hard to learn the dimensions of your car with all those undergrad PSU courses taking up your time. And I may not have been born here, but I've lived here longer than you've been on this planet, and I made my parallel parking bones in Boston, MA. Next to me, you don't know shit about "parking better".