People of online dating: QUIT saying that you love to laugh. It's annoying, it's stupid and IT'S FUCKING OBVIOUS. "I love to laugh" is like saying, "I really like to breath air," or "I like to sleep." It just makes you sound like the empty shell of a human being that really you are.

Also, when OKC asks what you like to do on a typical Friday night, quit saying "There is no typical Friday night." Oh really? There's 52 Friday nights in a year and you're telling me that you do so many different things on that particular night to the point it's not typical? RIGHT. Who has a life like that? Answer: NOBODY.

Listen, I know you're trying to make yourself sound all interesting and adventurous, but lying isn't going to do that. Just tell the truth. Just say that you like to get wicked drunk on Friday nights, puke into nearby bushes, wake up the next morning with a steaming hangover next to a stranger in your bed, have brunch with your friends to erase the memory of how you made a fool of yourself the night before, and ignore your dog/cat for yet another day... lather, rinse, repeat.