You were waiting outside the dispensary like everyone else for the sweet happy hour deal to start, but you were the only one yelling and screaming into your phone. Presumably, someone was accusing you of being a liar, which really pissed you off... because you ARE a liar. There you were, screaming, "I'm not going to send you a picture to prove that I'm at f***ing work, because I'm at f****ing WORK!", followed by, "I am NOT on drugs, I DON'T USE DRUGS! This is stress, caused by YOU! FUCK YOU!" You then sucked down a cigarette, *fuming* to yourself that you've been caught yet again in your transparent lies, and then promptly went in to the dispensary with your boyfriend to buy drugs. Legal, yes... but still drugs, and while you were NOT at work. Liar liar pants on fire. Just own up to it next time. It's so much easier, and it won't spoil your buzz.