Going to a venue with limited room where people are listening to music is not the right place to speak over the band. You stood in the middle of the bar having a loud conversation, talking over the band and ruining the music experience for everyone around you. You were the only group who felt so entitled that your conversation was more important than the other 25 people who were there to listen to music. If you can't keep your voices down, continue the conversation outside.

When confronted politely to keep your voices down, you yelled obscenities and became more obnoxious as the night went on. A decent human being would have apologized and lowered their voice. More than one person asked you nicely to lower your voices. You were rude.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you really that entitled, selfish, rude, and narcissistic that you don't give a fuck about how your actions affect those around you? You were asked politely. I get it. You are visiting from out of town. If your conversation is sooooo important, bring it outside. Its not rocket science, its basic manners (which you have none). If you can't behave like a decent human, leave Portland and don't come back. You suck.

When there is music playing, no one wants to hear your bovine squeal or listen to your screechy meaningless babble. If you want to talk, stay home or go to a sports bar. If you choose to go to a music venue, SHUT THE FUCK UP, THE MUSIC PLAYING!!