Hey dude, look, I'm sorry I honked my horn at you. And when you made that stupid face at me I told you to fuck off. I realize you rode your bike into my lane, cutting me off and stopping in front of me as I was driving, because your handlebars broke and you lost control.

But lets be fair, I stopped and honked my horn, and did not see that your handlebars had come detached. I've become desensitized by this city and the countless homeless and drug addicted zombies who walk out in front of you at any moment. I've grown too used to being a defensive driver at level 100. And in all fairness, all I did was honk my horn. That shrug and gesture earned you that fuck off. Not to mention, you showed no urgency to get out of the road.

I hope you see this, and know that I can feel for ya having your bike break and almost got run over. I also want you to know because of this situation, I am more desensitized.