The thing about these public transit seating is it's awkward. Especially the max. Seats are perpendicular or facing each other. All people are doing is looking at each other with their ugly face and stupid head, especially if they're a brain fart, and most people are massive, empty, fart heads. It's uncomfortable. With the bus, people sit at the front, sideways, turning their whole head to look at everyone at the back of the bus. Do you know how weird you are? Deer in headlights? Salmon swimming upstream? You chose to sit there. At least look at your phone or read a book. But nope, that's too much to do and think about. Then there's all these waiting rooms at doctors, dentists, vets offices, etc. with seats facing each other. What are people doing? Looking to see what the person across is doing. The door opens and every head turns that direction. Empty fart heads with ugly faces. Some wanna try to talk cause that's the only conversation they'll have all day. Look, I got nothing to say. Especially with the bullshit you wanna talk about. Okay, fucking amazing what you had for lunch yesterday, and what you'll have for dinner tonight. That's all it is: trivial, empty, brainless fart heads doing fart headed stuff. I just don't have the time or patience. You know what else I don't have time for? Waiting in line to buy food. You know what else. It was free 7-11 slurpee day. I just ain't got the time to wait for that fucking little cup. Fucking people, don't forget to look at the accident as you drive by, fart brain.