I bought my coworker chips the other day. No strings attached. Just out of complete generosity not expecting anything in return to which I know there will be no favor returned. Just to bring team unity to our workplace. Their response was, "kettle chips, can't go wrong with kettle chips." I guess my mom taught me manners. She taught me how to say thank you for receiving a gift. That is the last time I'm doing that.

I bought another coworker a Dr. Pepper. They requested it. I offered since I was going to the store. Stupid me for not getting the correct Dr. Pepper. I bought the store brand. I got it. There is a difference. Honest oversight in seeing how uptight they'd be in the pop they drink. What nerve. Come on. Get over yourself. They're response was, "sweetie, this isn't Dr. Pepper."

That is the last time I'm doing something nice for someone. I'm not offering anymore. I'm not spending my money to be nice anymore knowing the result will be ungrateful reactions.