So had it with our city allowing thousand of Uber and Lyft driver run wild Without telling their personal insurance they are driving for rideshare! It's called insurance fraud ! And if you or I or your family or friends get hit by one of them be prepared for a battle to recoup you money for damages or injuries. Our fine city of portland thinks it's okay that the average person has to fucking battle a 60 billion corporation that will tie you up for years trying to get funds. It's fucking bullshit ! You or I could not get away with this shit ! The city knows it and they could give a flying fuck about it. So all you
Lame fuckers that want to support these fucking tncs ? Take your asses back to California. Your doing nothing but making a slave driven greedy fucking corporation richer !
Bitch about the traffic jams? Yeah every city Uber and Lyft have invaded has caused major traffic problems! Go figure ! How can our city put everyone at risk and think this is okay ! It's fucking not !!! So when you hit by one thank our fucking city council who couldn't give a flying fuck about you and the problems this creates for you !
Fuck this bullshit protect our people instead of your dam pockets !