Tater Tot, the babysitter's kid, was a little asshole. His real name was Tate, but they called him Tater Tot, like Mr. White's dastardly offspring. One time when his mom was visiting my parents, he ran into my room and starting pulling stuff out of drawers and throwing things around. Knocking shit over. He was younger than my brother and I, and somehow preferred to us or something. He knew he wouldn't get in trouble and we might if we tried to stop him.
After school one day, he and his friend started pushing me around. I told them to stop. I pushed back. His friend said, "oh you wanna play like that, huh?", Then he tackled me to the ground, and pummeled my face into the pavement.
Tater Tot's mom wanted me to tilt my head back to stop my bloody nose. Because she's a moron. I was also told to stand in the corner until my parents came to pick me up because I was fighting. No one else was punished.
On that day I learned, sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. Many times when you do, you get your ass kicked, you get in trouble, and your family calls you Scab Face for the rest of Christmas and Winter vacation.