I'm a single dad who is a minority (POC), and I've noticed a few double standards in the workplace. Whenever I have to adjust my schedule due to my kids school, events or illnesses, I always get pushback from the management. There's the endless questioning, the suggestions of alternatives and the sighs or groans when it's finally approved. Conversely, if a single mom wants an adjustment in her schedule, it's done with no problem. In fact, management actually offers single moms the option to change their schedules... just out of the blue, in a meeting, the offer to "make it easier" will be made to single moms.

And there's always the lunchroom conversations about "how hard it must be" to be a single mom, and how "you should be proud" for being there for your kid. I never get any kudos for being a single dad, even though I have my kids 75% of the time. There's no pat on the back for me... not that I want them, I'm just pointing out the double standard here.

I also got pushback from the management when I let my beard grow: "Looking a little sloppy there...", "Gonna shave anytime soon?"... comments like that. Funny thing is, when the loudmouth white guy grew his beard, it was made into an office game. "Let's see how long before he shaves!" "I give him 6 months!" "HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Yes, they encouraged the white guy's beard growth and at every meeting we all needed to get an update, and time was given for comments and questions. Me? The dark guy in the office growing his beard? Nothing but suspicious looks and rude comments.

I can't win for losing.