There's an office building nearby where I walk across the grass sometimes, and I enjoy seeing the many bumblebees foraging on the small clover flowers that manage to escape the weekly mowings. Then yesterday, some of the non-grass plants were curling up as if they just been hit with herbicide. And no more bees. None. No more bees, no more clover flowers. So to all homeowners with lawns, and businesses who hire lawn "care" crews: Stop with the fucking herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers! Why do you think you need to broadcast that crap on the ground? Because the chemical manufacturers tell you you need a "perfect" lawn? C'mon, think for yourselves! All you need to do is change your perception of what a healthy lawn is. How about this: A healthy lawn is a place of plant diversity, an ecosystem that is self-regulating because. Clover provide beauty and nitrogen. Short wildflowers begin to appear. You let it grow longer so the grass can compete with broadleafs. Bees, crickets, and other insects make it healthy and alive. Otherwise, enjoy your dead zone and enjoy being just another moron supporting the chemical industry.