The other day this little boy at the playground was pushing and hitting my toddler daughter. He wasnt really hurting her because she's bigger than he was (and he was big). The other parent said "no" and "stop that" real low looking at his phone. I think he saw me out the corner of his eye about to get involved and thats when he told his son to come to him. I remember thinking "that's not how you stop that behavior ". If one of my kids hits another kid for no reason or is being the bully. I'm on all that crap. They're going to know and all the kids on the playground are going to that's not how we do. Everyone can play how they feel knowing they're safe to do it.
My youngest daughter used to cut up in the grocery store. Because she knew mommy and daddy didn't like to make scenes so that's her best chance of getting what she wanted. Once I noticed what was going on I took it as a personal challenge to help her see that that crap was unacceptable. It took about a month but i tell you what,she don't nut up in stores no more. See, society has got people so scared to be on social media. That people are like zombies. No one knows whats acceptable or appropriate until 50000 people retweet it. And a anonymous website where you can post just about anything is the bottom of the barrel. The generation before us didn't do everything right but they did something's right. Actually train your children. So they can have some sort of boundaries.