As a fourth-generation Portland longshoreman, I’ve been the proverbial fence-walker, aligning myself with a right-oriented blue-collar community and embracing a more open-minded and creative friend base. As for Trump, I hate the guy. I knew he was bad. It’s no excuse, but my motives were economic. I thought, “Maybe we can ride the storm with this bastard.” I was tired of hearing from my friends that work is running dry because of federal regulations. I was tired of going to the longshore hall and seeing guys who’ve worked the ports for 30 years get turned away. When Trump said he would champion American steel, I thought, “Maybe this is how people can afford to live again.” Obviously, I was wrong. He’s done nothing for the economy, and he’s only worked to kill the progress great minds have accomplished over decades. I was recently criticizing a superintendent at a site I go to, and it dawned on me that everything I don’t like about him are the traits Trump is showing. As if I were late to common sense, it hit me: What the fuck have I done? How could I vote for this guy? I hope you can accept my apology. Every vote counts, and I feel personally responsible in some way for the shitshow that is growing out of control right now.—Anonymous