You see, I work in an office building. We have a stupid fucking parking lot where everyone has to park on an angle. Really, the parking lot is like a mobius strip. The visitor parking is some of the flattest parking, so you like to park there. However, YOU WORK IN THE BUILDING!! I see you making coffee, going out to lunch, coming back. Why do you and your office mates feel like the visitor parking is reserved for you? Is it a sense of self entitlement? Is it because you drive a range rover? Are you really that lazy?

The other day, I saw an elderly gentlemen have to traverse the parking lot because the visitor parking was full. He clearly did not need a disabled parking permit, but he was struggling. He parked, did his business in the building, and left within 20 minutes. That is why there is visitor parking.

Please, for the sake of humanity, stop parking in the visitor parking, you fucking jerk! Get over yourself - you are not that pretty, not that thin, not that whatever it is that makes you thing the rules don't apply to you. Just. Fucking. Stop.