About a month ago you and a fellow vaga-dude were hanging out in the street at a busy intersection, right next to the Hawthorne Freddies recycling place. I was in a car waiting at the stop light. You stood there in ignorant bliss of the dangers you were unnecessarily exposing yourself to. A less than careful driver could have easily whipped around and mowed you two down. No cars could turn right due to you; bicyclists couldn't even squeeze by your soda can collecting derriere. The conversation must've been sooo deep, man. Well I wiped that smirk off your face real fast when I honked at your ass when the light finally turned green. You launched an F bomb at me. Some people don't like to listen to well meaning advice. Get the hell out of the road. And before any artards call me chicken for honking while driving away, it was a spur of the moment decision. Ultimately I don't want the guy to turn into roadkill.