It always seems like what we want is right in front of us. In any Adam Sandler movie, it's always his family or friends or that tiny shred of the thing from inside. All that work, and we could have just been doing this the whole time? I've had the ultimate move from the beginning? The key was around my neck for the entire movie. You let me fight a dragon and didn't think to mention it?

It would be a lot easier to save money if I could just eat breakfast in the place that I live. But you need to stand right next to me a tell me about your day at four in the morning. You need to try to offer me the same crap I've been saying no to for years and it's never been important enough for you to just remember I said no last time and maybe I don't like it. Stop trying to stop me on my way to work. Stop waking me up during my 20 minute nap. The door is closed. The light is off. My head is under a blanket. I haven't slept for more than a few hours a day for weeks.

I feel like the girl who can't go eat at the cafeteria because there's that guy there who always walks right up to her and asks her about her day and tells her she has pretty hair. He's technically really nice, but she said she didn't like it. A lot of times. She wrote it down. She tried different ways. Now she eats out everyday. It's expensive and unhealthy. People judge her for her poor spending and eating. Besides that guy's harmless. He's probably just trying to fuck her. He basically already has.