I get it, Vegan Couple. You have chosen to not consume any animal products. This choice is at once socially responsive and spiritual. There is nothing crazy about it and you deserve the same level of respect as everyone else. Just because you have a belief system which is different than mine doesn't mean that your belief system is wrong. Unfortunately, you also seem to feel justified in not extending the same courtesy to me. Yes I care about the environment and yes I care about living creatures, but I also have my own spiritual and personal priorities. Omitting the consumption of animal products is simply not one of them. And this does not make you better than me. I am very sorry that you feel that it is okay to receive and accept my attention, care, respect, and courtesy, and then respond by proselytizing and accusing me of causing pain to others because I'm eating a chicken sandwich. You can't have your pistachio cake and eat it too. All you are doing is reinforcing the stereotype that vegans are self-righteous assholes, and making me hungry for a cheeseburger with bacon and a fried egg on it. You both also have catastrophic farts.