You were the girl at the Goldfrapp concert who pushed her way up behind me, stood there for a few songs loudly clapping out of time, and then tried to shove past me. I tried to block you and apparently that made you angry cause you pushed even harder. I turned towards you, cause you were yelling at me, and you said "I'm only trying to get to my friends over there" pointing in the other direction. So I decided to let you through. WELL, then you pushed the girl next to me and clearly were not going to your friends cause you stood right next to me. Incensed by you're lies and shoving of my neighbor, I attempted to remove you, a rash mistake on my part but a fairly common reaction to such poor behavior. You got up in my face and screamed that I not touch you. I knew in that moment that I could have easily punched you in the face, but I backed off knowing that I didn't want a fight. You then proceeded to stand in front of my neighbor obscuring her view for the rest of the show still continuing to clap out of time. I also demanded, without response, where your friends were, but you still had no shame and ignored me and stood there stubbornly. Bottom line, you are a worthless piece of human garbage. You are very lucky that I did not hurt you, or follow you home when I saw you outside. You should be more careful, behaving like that will eventually get you involved with someone who does not have their anger in check.