I can't hardly function in society anymore. Only way I can is with a good buzz. Everyone wants to point the blame elsewhere. Being accountable for our own actions doesn't count anymore. It's everywhere I go. I just don't care for my actions anymore. I simply don't give a fuck. Society has turned me into an ass. I don't care because I'm not to blame. Until I see other members of society trying or caring, I won't. Until I see nice gestures to me, I won't make an effort. Is it because I'm not a mom with a carriage or cute baby? Because I'm not an overweight person who can't take care of myself? Because im not an old fart hobbling around? Because I dont have a cane, walker, wheelchair, or scooter? Because im not a female? If you're in a crowded aisle, why must you block the whole aisle with your cart in the middle, you checking out something on one end and your kids/friends clueless on the other side? Do you have zero awareness a lot people want to get by? It is busy so you might want to think about how this day isn't about you. The same goes for that crowded self checkout at that awful fucking downtown Safeway. People want to get by, but you, your cart, and teenagers are blocking any access for someone to walk by. When I come walking through, I dont care if I hit you. I dont care if I didnt say excuse me. I didnt on purpose. You say, at least say excuse me. I turn and say, you know you could move out the way. It's a war and I don't care.