I hate everything Hawthorne.
Especially the street. Example, across Ben and Jerrys, how there's a congregation of street kids or travelers that sit there all day, who all look alike, that leave their trash and pollute and populate Hawthorne during the whole summer. What's up with that street corner?
Number 14 bus I hate riding but I have to at times. It stops at every stop to pick someone up or drop someone off. Then newcomers get on full of exuberance for their new city, yapping about all the cool and weird Portland hotspots.
The worst thing about Hawthorne is the bridge. In one week, the bridge was up 3 out of 5 rides causing a delay of at least 20 minutes. Then, leaving downtown at the right time will take forever to get over the bridge. Then coming in to town at the right time, with the bridge up will take forever. Add to that one lane closed due to construction on 2nd and Main, you're screwed for 30 min. I wonder what the new courthouse will do when it's in operation over on Madison and 1st?
Does this city ever think about what it's doing? Who and what it's impacting? Have you ever noticed every lot with a new building coming up? Have you seen all the bulldozers and cranes all over the city? What is happening to this city?
Oh okay, change is inevitable, if I don't like it, I should get the hell out? Okay, great idea! I wonder how many more great ideas you special creators and unique innovators there are who work a few hours each week in this city?