This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!

A Swift Request


Well, you get to be the featured IA, but I'm sure that's because we all tore you apart in the comments and the powers that be at The Mercury want to see more of that, so they've hit the reset button so to speak. So here we go.
Kids are always there at Chapman when the swifts are doing their thing. It's an elementary school. There are always kids there, and no, they don't have to be quiet so that you can HEAR the swifts too. You're outside with a thousand people, mostly families, in an urban environment, and you expect people to keep their kids quiet so you can hear the fucking birds? Parents are there to give their kids some cardboard and let them slide down the hill, eat some dinner outdoors and WATCH the swifts, not fucking listen to them, you god damned spoiled turd.
What David Minne' said. Why did you guys even repeat this stupid one? I guess the rest were even worse...