I sat down at the bar. You were friendly, asking me what I was up to. I ordered a simple tall boy and said I was waiting on my lady. She walked in, I gave her a kiss, and you took her order. You were nice at first, but after a few rounds, you quit serving us. I had to walk to the other side of the bar to get your attention and your response was “What do you want?” “Maybe a drink,” I said, surprised you would say that to a customer who hadn’t been difficult. You slammed the beer on the table so hard you spilled half of it. I asked you if there was a problem. “Yeah,” you said. “I’m tired of you lame-ass dudes cheating!” Of course, the girl I was with got all weird with me, thinking you’d seen me in the bar with another lady. Once home, and a short argument later, we figured it out: You saw my ring. My WIFE walked in and didn’t have hers, because she works in a lab and can’t wear rings under her gloves. You thought I was a married guy cheating on my wife, and that’s why you gave us poor service. You were fucking wrong. Next time, if you’re that interested in people’s relationships, ask.—Anonymous