Fuck you to all that don't reply. You have hurt and scarred me. You've made me wonder what i'm doing wrong. You've made me feel like i'm hassling you. You're my friends, family, jobs, acquaintances, people I meet. I sort of get it for jobs yet still where's the professional integrity you so desire in job applicants? But friends and family? What's the excuse? Busy? I can think of 10 other things through your day where you're wasting your time. Whatever. Maybe the whichever form of communication never got to you or got lost in the internet universe? How could I know? What would I know? With people I meet, I tell you I want to commission something from you. Or you want to get together because we had a lot in common. Bullshit. You always let me down. I can only guess because some are good communicators and do respond tells me that you are blatantly not responding. If that is the case, do you know how arrogant and disrespectful that is? I say please respond, sometimes then you respond. I cannot move past it. My feelings get worse and I stoop to your level. This is a little part of a little loss in humanity for me. This is a huge failure in communication. Were already terrible at it. I take pride in responding with clarity and communicating with transparency. Now I dont anymore. I'm always reaching after something that won't reach back. I put myself out there, share personal thoughts to friends and family, or take hours to apply for jobs. So when you don't here back from me, do not worry.
Wanna get lunch? Silence from me.