Welp, I just lost 400 albums to the digital world that I've been collecting for 10 years. Somehow between music programs that aren't compatible, they're gone. Fuck the computer, and fuck the internet. Fuck the compatibilities between things. Makes perfect sense in a way because a computer is ever changing, and news is old in one minute on the computer.
Poor me, I know, compared to losing everything in a fire. Although, some I've heard say how refreshing to start over. Refreshing maybe, but still excruciating.
They say everything can be replaced. Yet nothing can be exactly replaced.
Then I think back to my CD collecting days. I still have.
Then I think even further back to my Record collecting days. I don't have after moving so many times.
I don't listen to the CDs I have.
So what the fuck!
What does it matter when forever fades away!
What does it matter when memory forever changes!
I had too much music anyway. I'd never listen, I mean really listen to all those 20,000 plus songs before the day I die, and still counting. The songs and the day I die, still counting.
A good lesson. To not be attached.
There is no beginning and there is no ending.