Once you come to terms with the ocean of shit-profit media we all swim in, sometimes you dive deeper and find some weird fish. Well, a while back, I found them, and they were called The Mercury, and The Stranger, and kind of Westword (in Denver). While the television spewed doom, I could read pages of the off-kilter, local magazine and escape into a nice story about some dude who lived down the block. Later in the evening, I maybe I could check out a few escort ads or sketchy classifieds.
It's not the same, these days. The shit's hit in every which direction. Many of our story tellers rush to the first sign that there's a real scapegoat, or even just a bad guy to distract us. Even the articles that do dig into the issues of an economic system, or community, just end up pissed off.
Ya, sure, we're all pissed off. It's a very logical reaction. But you guys are supposed to elevate it, not just smear shit stains like we already do on Twitter. You're supposed to help us find truth, maybe enough that we'll finally find action.
Hey, if click-bait pays the bills, then by all means publish a best-of new Northo-La neighborhood article. But maybe on the side there can be a deeper piece about something that's really going on, and what can maybe even be done about it.