On 3 occasions in 2 weeks:
230 pm, into downtown. 30 minute travel from just east of the Hawthorne Bridge to 1st avenue.
5 pm, out of town. An hour travel from SW Broadway to the Hawthorne Bridge. I know this because about 20 minutes in the ride, moving barely 1 block, I got off the bus, and caught another bus. I did some shopping in my area, and went back to my street to catch my original bus that happened to be the same bus driver as the bus I got off of. I asked her how long it took. She said one hour to get to the bridge.
630 pm, very next day headed out of town. 30 minute travel to get over the bridge.
This is fucked. The city needs to figure something out. Then you have 2 buses of the same line within minutes apart from each other with a few people on the bus. I BET THIS HAPPENS EVERYDAY ON EVERY BRIDGE. I've seen it on the Steele, Burnside, Morrison, and Hawthorne. The Tilikum Crossing was a smart idea. Whether it's street closures, construction, bridge is up, bridge maintenance, or time of day, there is major congestion on every bridge.
I HATE going into downtown now!
Yet people must still drive to downtown. People just have to use these main bridges to get over. How about trying the Ross Island for example because that bridge seems to flow freely? I guess that doesn't matter much because it ends up wasting time and gas. By why on earth, would you subject yourself to getting stuck in that jam and only add to the problem when you have a CHOICE!
So Stupid! All of it.