Caitlyn Coleman, her 3 surviving children, and her nutcase husband Joshua Boyle have been delivered from the captivity of the Haqqani network, a gang of religious bullies from the tribal regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. My question: how is it that Caitlyn Coleman gave birth to 4 children in 5 years' time? (Mr. Boyle claims that the captors murdered an infant daughter, raising the number of live births by Ms. Coleman to 4). You're being held captive by bullies is a remote area of the world, survival is a long shot, and your main concern is keeping your wife pregnant??? She could have died in childbirth at least 4 times. Ladies, men are horrible creatures, and religious men are the most horrible of all male creatures. Be advised that men do not care about anything beyond their own pleasure — and religious men use "God" (whatever that may be) to excuse whatever they do. Rapist Harvey Weinstein hides behind money; Joshua Boyle is led by God. The difference? Caitlyn Coleman is stuck with 3 children.