If you can't figure out that you're standing too close to me, I might have to quit this job. I have let you know that I do not like people invading my personal space. Keep your goddamn hands off of me.

I don't have another job lined up. I have barely been paying rent. I buy food and groceries with spare change.

If I go home, it will just be the same thing. Interrupt me on my way to work, sleep, walking across the house to go to the bathroom. And the goddamn invasion of my personal space.

But I'm the asshole for telling you I don't like it. I'm an idiot for trying to distance myself from people who continue to ignore my boundaries.

Tell me you love me. That's all you're trying to do right? Too bad it's not enough to open your eyes to see how I'm responding. Maybe listen to what I'm saying instead of just talking all the time.

I'm turning into a person who can't be around his family. Someone who is too poor for friends.

Hard work and patience. Intelligence. Compassion.

You guys are all assholes.

Or maybe it's me. Maybe I should just let you keep walking on me.