Trump will not be impeached, but will resign when in 2019 the overwhelming majority of the house among military leaders threaten to walk in the midst of pressure from the international community to utilize American Democracy to remove Trump from office. This would follow shortly after the UN threatening removal of the United States for perceived deceleration of war as well as the abandonment of many UN led coalitions. Mike Pence will take over. At election time, the final two will be Hillary for the Dems and McCain for the Republicans. Hillary will have chosen to run again in light of Pence having only moderate popularity (in comparison to Trump) and the total candidate pool being relatively weakened due to overzealous non-politicians and career politicians choosing to hold other office. McCain wins because he builds a Republican platform utilizing liberal social views, gaining votes on both sides. The entire time, Trump gives interviews monthly at his resort for $500,000 per 30 minutes, in which time he claims the cards were stacked against him and the reality of the world threats are "very very very very real, real, outstanding and real.