Are dispensaries and tattoo shops like coffee shops now? Everywhere, and some, if not many, very empty.
Why do dumbasses that are clearly friends, at least associated with one another, never sit together yet have a conversation with one another by yelling across the way?
I hope the pigeons and crows get their fill of food everyday. They work for it and deserve it.
Where are you going as I think about the pretty, dismissive hottie that would never have anything to do with me?
I hate talking to people on the phone, meaning questions about services or buying products. It's pointless. I spend a few minutes saying my name or account number, then they say what is your name, and I repeat everything again. What the fuck are you listening to? Or I say what my issue is for a few minutes or what I'm looking for, why I am calling, then they transfer me to someone else where I have to start all over. I'm doing it all online if I can. Fuck talking to people.
Every time I walk by someone smoking a cig on the sidewalk or on the porch, they must stop everything to see who walked by, all the while looking at their stupid phone. Why? Also why on earth are you looking at your fucking phone? Sometimes you're in your yard and have to stop the presses to check me out. Fucking strange, distracted and paranoid idiots! Concentrate! Enjoy the air! Enjoy your smoke! Now I just point up in the air as I walk by.