The amount of times I see you visit the bathroom is astounding in comparison to my 30 hours per week when yours is likely no more than 20 minutes per week. Granted all you do is go to the bathroom in our building. Still all those varied hours per day, per week. You go to the bathroom ALOT!
You'll just be a few minutes you think parking your car in downtown without paying. Of course, you never are and get a ticket. I fucking love it.
What the fuck is a security guard doing in a goodwill? What has this city come to? I guess with the Goodwill across the Central library, it's justified with prices for jackets $100 to $250, I saw a year ago. Nope, not justified. What the fuck is security doing in Goodwill? Why the fuck are prices so high at Goodwill? What has this city come to?
What the fuck is with these Tri-met bus riders either taking up the aisle seat or a bag on the aisle seat on every fucking aisle of the bus? People still board and no attempt to move. Is that how you fucks roll? What the fuck is wrong with you idiots?