I was just sitting there talking to a friend at work about this Vegas Shooting. Keep in mind, this is in my office. And another employee interrupts and tells me how inappropriate and disrespectful it is to talk about alternatives to the story we're being told - "don't you have any respect for the people that died!" you exclaimed. I defended myself. But I'm posting this to get your opinions, is it really that taboo? It was a terrible thing no doubt. But nothing any of us think or say about the matter is going to bring any of them back. In times like this people want answers, and that's why they ask questions. It just so happens this event has a lot of holes in it - and I mean a lot. Why is it so bad for me to discuss my half-baked theories and opinions on the matter? When did the quantity of death supersede the right to talk about the death. Every damn day I'm surrounded by people denouncing military conflict because the thousands of people that die. I hear all the cocked up opinions on why US military intervention is a bad thing. And that's okay. But why is this any different?