Good answer r.a.y. And fuck you muffins. The concept that questioning the facts of events like this is somehow disrespectful to the victims is at once ludacris and stupid. Jet fuel does not melt steel beams. That is a scientific fact. The four green berets that died in Niger were terribly mismanaged and under protected. That is a military fact. That there are conflicting timelines and circumstances of their deaths that were given, as well as the question of why one of them was left behind for 48 hours and his wife was never allowed to see or identify the body, that is a well-reported fact. And thinking that questioning authority is un-American, or disrespectful, or paranoid -- makes you a fucking moron. That is just, well, a fact fact.

To IA, the answer to your question is simple: Yes it is taboo to question whether the stories we are fed on TV are factually correct. The more pertinent question, however, is why?

This goes to the very heart of a subject that many people will label you a conspiracy theorist for talking about: Mass mind control. Through subtle cultural conditioning we have all been trained to believe that anyone who questions the "official story" is an aluminum foil hat-wearing Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future.

You will find holes in just about every mass shooting story that you look into. That is because most of them are false flag operations designed to sway public opinion into relinquishing our right to bear arms, which was not a law about hunting but about defending ourselves from an oppressive government.
Because FACTS. We are currently living in a society where lies and fake news are "the norm" and no one seems to give one flying f**k about FACTS. How about we get back to a fact based, reality based, SCIENCE BACKED, reality? Hm? You got some bat s**t insane theory about what happened? BACK IT UP WITH FACTS. REAL, TRUE, PROVABLE, IRREVOCABLE FACTS. Everyone from the idiot president to the press to every loser on the street (or internet) believes their opinion is truth, their lies are to be believed because they repeat them over and over, and that they each get to have their own special, personal FACTS. NOPE. FACTS ARE FACTS. Some of us are fed up with insane conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality and so our patience for and tolerance of you even talking about this crap is OLD AND TIRED AND so mind numbingly crazy making that yeah, WE DON'T WANT TO F**KING HEAR IT!!! STFU, FFS.
Oh and one more thing. Why don't you save your conspiracy theory talk for when you're not at work. Save it for your living room. Why should people have to go to work and be subjected to that? Why does everyone think their workplace is an appropriate venue for them to air every thought that enters their tiny little head?
I love a good 'trolling in real life' story. hearing about some young male, usually white, get into it over 'just sayin' is always a good laugh.
Drive yourself crazy, pal, but please do not look up survivors online and harrass them with your conspiracy theories. Maybe you should not be talking stupid shit where intelligent people can hear it. Save it for the bar -- everybody knows YOUR name there.
Maybe because you are at work. Do your work. Work is not the place to exercise your rights of self expression. Go do that after work. Don't be a dick at work. Just let others do their work without having to deal with your bullshit. Its simple. You have many opportunities to go spout off about contrails or whatever after or before work.
anyone who uncritically accepts the official version of any event has forgotten the lessons of the bay of pigs, the gulf of tonkin, my lai, iran/contra, iraq's imaginary wmd's and many others. the accusation of 'conspiracy theory' is nothing more than a thought stopper. accepting the word of any government without adequate research and confirmation is the act of a credulous dimwit.
Kurt Cobain and Tupac are still alive and living together in a cabin near Mt. St. Helens.
I cross reference my facts across at least 12 different news outlets, research the experts to verify their credentials, and lend credibility to people who speak with intelligence and respect rather than opinions and insults. Plus I always follow the money.

If you are taking everything you read, see and hear at face value -- without questioning alterior motives or alternative facts, then you are the gullible one not me.

Alex Jones is a delusional lunatic who spouts any story he hears if he thinks it will create shock value and keep his brand of insanity alive. But that doesn't mean that every single thing he says is totally unfounded. I personally spent hundreds of hours running architectural demolition simulations before concluding that it is scientifically impossible to bring down buildings of such magnitude in the manner in which they fell from one random explosion, no matter how big. They are simply not designed to go straight down that way. That's from me conducting personal research and testing, not watching Alex Jones.

It's perfectly fine to question the 'official', mainstream media version of events, but there's a fine line between asking legit questions and babbling incoherently about pizza-parlor-child-molester-ring-Holocaust/Sandy Hook-denial-earth-is-actually-flat type ridiculous bullshit. And, as Christina Rae already pointed out, work is probably not the best forum to be discussing these things.
Anon, you should totally talk to your supervisor about this issue.
Google "demolition simulator" and try to take down even a simple structure with a single charge. You can't.
Watching the Twin Towers fall, the first thing I said was, "why are they collapsing, and how are they collapsing straight down."
PNAC orchestrated all of it.

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