I can see why it happens. Seriously though, I could never do it. DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I can't kill flies or ants.
Repeatedly being let down and being rejected. Constantly broken by the system. Endlessly beaten down by the city, the state, the world, and the cosmic mystery of the universe. Natural disasters or ones caused by man. Financial strains and debts. Dead end roads and shitty jobs. Worry and more worry. Drowning in responsibility and errands. Relationship complications with coworkers, lovers, friends, and family. Death and loss. The disregard from strangers. The indifference and complacency from everyone. Anyone and everyone not listening, not being there, not checking in to say "are you okay? How are you doing?" So much to see and do, and never enough time. Never enough help, support, or encouragement. A person can have love and hope but still can lack conviction and meaning. The feeling of having done nothing and being noone. All the little things that turn to big things that further beat down a person. Then noone hears and understands. Then further into isolation, darkness, and despair. A person could have someone to be there yet lack intimate connection or meaningful interaction.
Day after day after day. Night upon night. Year after year.
Then one day, it all implodes. Another mass tragedy with no answers.
I'm gone. I just wanna be taken away. I care less and less everyday.
I do love life. I love the things I do. I love the people I love. But I'm breaking down and apart further everyday.