Oops. I meant to say please be unaware.
Wait, you mean I don't have to ask. You already are?
I can tell.
When a person gets on the bus, and may need help walking by, maybe, just maybe could you move your feet? Maybe move your cart, or whatever belonging you have blocking the whole path? Just try. Just pretend.
I know there's so much going on with your phone. You can't miss a thing. Maybe you got those wonderful thoughts of the world being flat? why the sunflowers grow better in the summer? how you should use less salt on your fries? or if you should scrub your toilet when you get home or do it another day? just lazy? I know deep thoughts.
3 people already pulled the stop request before you so you don't need to anymore, unless you're a child and like to do it for fun?
It's probably good you don't drive. It's probably why you don't drive. You would be useless if someone left a bag unoccupied in a public place.
Did you notice that van barreling down the road, running every red light?