Fuck the fuck off with your scrawny-ass store on our street. We get that the gentrification is already locked in, but it was hard enough as a community to lose the mercado & carniceria that used to be where you are, let alone watch the vibrancy & architectural detail of that building disappear under a whitewash of charcoal spray paint to make room for your basic-as-a-Vogue-pattern bridal shop. We're aware that our shit has "trended" & is a "destination", & we're actually more or less OK with that. What we don't need is an out-of-town based "boutique" that doesn't grok the neighborhood; we have enough local ones that are nearly as bad. At least the brassiere shop fills a niche by catering to a variety of shapes. Your target audience are the idiots (whom we abhor, though they'll never know it because we take their money with generous smiles) that still lock their car doors when they come here for brunch demanding vegan, gluten free options & then call the cops on panhandlers of color (exclusively). Either create a window display that demonstrates your commitment to serving Portlanders of all shapes, sizes, & colors, or fuck off to a place that is predominately privileged. I hear Lake Oswego is nice this time of Presidency. You don't look like you're interested in the sort of clientele that relies on Trimet, anyway.